Maui with Kids: Whale Watching and Beach

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We recently got back from Hawaii and had such a great time! My husband and I met on Oahu back when we were attending Brigham Young University-Hawaii and so it’s always been a special place for us.

We flew out of Seattle and tried out some new Buddyphone headphones that we bought for our girls to use with the tablet and in-flight media. They worked great and the girls loved the decorative stickers while we loved the volume limiter. Our flight went well and we landed in Maui happy and excited to see the island and meet up with family.

Watching the Disney short “Lava” over and over…

The next morning (after our youngest decided to get up for the day at 4:30am…), we headed off to go whale watching only to get the alert on our phones about the “incoming ballistic missile”. Luckily, as we all know now, it was a false alarm and while we had a bit of a scare that morning, we were still able to get on our whale watching tour with Pacific Whale Foundation.

Grandma with 3 of her grand-daughters

The tour was fantastic and we saw a ton of whales! At one point, they even put a microphone under the water so we could hear them.


Humpback whales migrate to Hawaii every year from about November to May (Jan-March being the peak of the season). The female whales head out there to either get pregnant or to give birth (after a 1 year gestation… 9 months for a human doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? 😉 ). The males obviously head out there to impregnate the females.

While on our tour, we were lucky enough to actually see a baby whale nursing and then to later see a different baby whale breaching. It was amazing and something our girls still talk about.


A baby whale breaching.

Afterwards, we headed out to lunch at Cool Cat Cafe (the fish tacos were delicious and so were the burgers!) and then back to our hotel so everyone could get some beach time.


Our girls and their cousins were super excited to play in the sand and the water. It was a wonderful way to end our first day in Maui.


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