Oahu with Kids: Dole Plantation

oahu with kids dole plantation

After spending a wonderful week in Maui, we hopped over to Oahu for a long weekend. Our first stop was the Dole Plantation. Dole Plantation is open daily and has a good mix of free and paid for activities.

oahu with kids dole plantation

It was around lunch time when we arrived so we made sure to grab a couple plate lunches from the grille. Both of our meals were delicious and there was plenty of food for all four of us!

After lunch, the girls ran around a bit in the small garden next to the grille and then we hopped on the Pineapple Express train.

oahu with kids dole plantation
Two cuties inside of a pineapple
oahu with kids dole plantation
London was excited to find her name on one of the signs. 😉

The train was a twenty minute tour that took us all around the plantation where we got to see huge fields of pineapples and other crops that Dole grows (bananas, avocado, cocoa beans, etc.). It was also narrated and talked about how Dole was originally founded, but it was a bit hard to hear at times over the noise of the train and other passengers. Both of the girls loved riding the train though and it was interesting seeing the plantation this way. If you have a train-obsessed kid, then definitely check it out!

oahu with kids dole plantation
Did you know pineapples grow on bushes? I remember learning this my very first trip to Hawaii back when I was a teenager.
oahu with kids dole plantation
Pretty little flowers

While Aaron and London got in line to get some Dole Whip, Adeline and I checked out the Plantation Garden. The garden was a great place for Adeline to run around! I think that most of the year there are pretty flowers in bloom all around, but when we went in early January, there weren’t very many. We still enjoyed quickly checking it out though. Next time, I would love to download their app that tells Hawaiian folklore and other info as you stroll through the garden.

There’s also the Pineapple Garden Maze, the world’s largest maze, that looked fun, but we were quickly running out of time so we had to skip it this visit.

oahu with kids dole plantation
Plantation Garden

Of course, one of our favorite parts of our visit was the famous Dole Whip! One cup was plenty for the four of us and we loved our sweet pineapple treat.

We also wondered through the gift shop (which you can also check out online) and enjoyed seeing all the pineapple themed souvenirs.

Overall, we had a fun visit to Dole Plantation. If we were to visit again, we would probably skip the garden and train ride and stick to grabbing some food while wandering through the mini garden and gift shop. It’s a great stop on the way up to Oahu’s beautiful North Shore!

oahu with kids dole plantation

Thank you to Dole Plantation for sponsoring this post. 

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