Southern Utah with Kids | Snow Canyon

We loved Snow Canyon so much that we visited twice on our trip. There’s so much to see and explore there and I can’t wait to go back sometime. We visited two spots in the canyon: Sand Dunes and Jenny’s Canyon.

Sand Dunes

The Sand Dunes are super easy to find off of the main road and parking is right there. When we visited in February, there were barely any other people around (one of the days it was just us) and our kids loved being able to kick their shoes off and explore. They had a blast running around and rolling down the dunes. Both visits I had to drag them away when it was time to leave. Be warned: a month later you will still be finding red sand in your car (but I think it’s totally worth it).

Jenny’s Canyon

This hike is super easy and quick. It’s also just a couple minute drive back across the street towards the main entrance (making it ideal to visit it and the sand dunes one after the other). The hike leads through a bit of sand and brush, up a bit of rocks, and then splits into two paths. To the right is a viewpoint and to the left is a mini slot canyon. We only checked out the slot canyon, but I’m sure the view is pretty too!

Inside the slot canyon is gorgeous and our kids had a fun time running around and doing a bit of climbing.

This trail is closed March 15 – June 1 due to nesting birds so make sure to visit either before or after those dates.

There’s a ton more to see in Snow Canyon and I can’t wait to go back and explore more someday!

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