Kauai With Kids: Exploring the North Shore

Kauai with Kids Exploring the North Shore

After spending almost an entire week on Kauai, we did one last Shaka Guide tour (read about our previous one here) as we explored Kauai’s beautiful North Shore.

Hole in the Mountain


Our tour started just north of Kapaa at a viewpoint of the Hole in the Mountain. It’s a famous view that’s been included in multiple movies such as King Kong and Indiana Jones. On the road it had us pull over on, we noticed a little sign in front of a house selling leis so we also bought a couple for the girls that were gorgeous (and smelled amazing!).

Moloa’a Bay

Look familiar at all? Moloa’a Bay was the original location for filming Gilligan’s Island!  It’s a beautiful white sand beach that wasn’t too crowded when we visited (although I’ve heard it can be rather busy in the summer). While it’s unsafe to swim in during the winter due to strong currents, we still had fun walking along the beach finding tiny seashells and husking coconuts. There’s also a cute little fruit stand that we pulled over at nearby called Moloa’a Sunrise Fruit Stand that had excellent acai bowls!

Kilauea Lighthouse and Refuge

Kauai with Kids Exploring the North Shore
What a great place for a lighthouse!

Kauai with Kids Exploring the North Shore

The lighthouse was originally built in 1913. Nowadays you can go visit both the lighthouse and the bird sanctuary. It’s closed on Mondays (the day we happened to be there), but we still enjoyed stopping at the lookout to see the view. There’s also a sign explaining the different birds in the area, so we had fun trying to spot all of them.

Hanalei Valley Overlook

Kauai with Kids Exploring the North Shore
One of the most popular views on the island

This was a quick stop on our way to Hanalei Bay. It’s a nice overlook that looks down into the taro fields below. It’s beautiful and a good place to stretch your legs for a minute.

Hanalei Bay

Kauai with Kids Exploring the North Shore

Kauai with Kids Exploring the North Shore
We loved going on vacation with Aaron’s parents

We ended our Shaka Guide Tour at Hanalei Bay and enjoyed playing in the sand and taking in the gorgeous scenery. This is a beautiful spot and definitely worth visiting.

Aaron and I walked down to the pier while the girls played with their grandparents. We saw pretty little seashells along the way and enjoyed walking to the end of the pier. The girls had a blast playing in the sand and running around after spending a lot of time in the car.

Kauai with Kids Exploring the North Shore
Such a gorgeous view!

Kauai with Kids Exploring the North Shore

The drive up and around the North Shore took up most of our day, but it was very enjoyable. We had a great time stopping at all the different locations while learning about the history and  On our way back, we stopped for dinner and then ice cream at Lappert’s (seriously the best ice cream on the island!).

We had such a great time in Kauai. Even with limiting some of our activities due to me being so pregnant, we still saw and did a ton around the island. There’s so much to explore and so many great things to do no matter your circumstance. I can’t wait to visit again sometime!

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