Enchant Seattle with Kids

Enchant Seattle with Kids

We loved going to Enchant Seattle last year and was so excited when they invited us back again this year as ambassadors!

This year’s theme is “Mischievous” and revolves around a playful elf who has hidden multiple gifts throughout the light maze for visitors to find.

We took our girls on a weeknight to avoid the crowds and it was perfect. Even before entering T-Mobile Park, the girls were oohing and awing at the strings of lights covering the outside of the park. It was a great start to our evening!

As we walked into Enchant, we were greeted with spectacular views of the light maze below. The girls had already talked non stop in the car about last year’s visit and were pumped to find all the hidden presents throughout the maze.

Enchant Seattle with Kids
Scratching off one of the gifts we found

We were given scratch cards with all 7 gifts on it and right away, my girls started looking around for them. Anytime we spotted one, they would get excited and run over to the little tables to scratch off a circle on their card. While looking for the presents, we also enjoyed all the different light displays. Both of our girls especially enjoyed the light up floor squares and the tall lighted tree that you could step inside (check out my Enchant highlights on Instagram to see more). My personal favorite was the white light tunnel.

Enchant Seattle with Kids
She could have played with this light display for hours!

Throughout the maze too, were several food and drink stops in case anyone needed to warm up a bit. The hot chocolate looked amazing!

After we found all 7 Christmas gifts, we headed to the exit where we were rewarded with a chocolate treat and an opportunity to send a postcard to Santa.

Enchant Seattle with Kids

Enchant Seattle with Kids
He was loving all of the pretty lights!
Enchant Seattle with Kids
Sending a postcard to Santa

Next up for our family was ice skating. We rented ice skates for my husband and the girls ($10 for adults, $5 for kids, but you can also bring your own skates if you’d like) and James and I watched from the sidelines. One thing that we did differently this year was that we brought the kids’ bike helmets with, which made me feel a lot better about them being on the ice. We just buckled the helmets to our backpack while not in use and it wasn’t an issue at all (and gave me peace of mind while they were skating). They skated for awhile and by the end, our 6 year old was doing pretty well on her own.

Enchant Seattle with KidsEnchant Seattle with KidsEnchant Seattle with KidsEnchant Seattle with KidsWe ended our night with a quick visit with Santa. Just like last year, photos can be taken professionally and purchased, or guests can take their own for free. We opted to take a few with my camera this time.

At this point, Enchant was about to close, so we missed really seeing what was at the Christmas Market this year, but you can check out the vendors online.

Enchant Seattle with Kids
Lots of great vendors to do some Christmas shopping at

It was such a fantastic night! We were really impressed with how well done and organized Enchant was. It’s been both of my girls’ favorite Christmas activity so far and is definitely a great way to spend an evening this holiday season! Tickets can be purchased online or in person and Enchant runs from now until December 29, 2019.

Enchant Seattle with Kids
Even though one little one was pretty tired by the end and didn’t want to be in our family picture, we all really had a great time (and next time we’ll start our visit with a photo rather than ending with one 😉).

Thank you to Enchant Seattle for gifting our family with season passes. We hope to visit again soon!

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