Gardens of Versailles


After a 10 hour red eye flight, we finally made it to Paris, France. The airline, XL, was fantastic. I highly recommend them, especially if you have children. They provided us with a bassinet for Adeline to sleep in and helped us strap in London’s car seat. All the attendants were very nice and frequently checked to see how we were doing. Adeline slept just about the entire time and London dozed through out but was a bit grumpy most of the time unfortunately.

Once we arrived, we got a taxi through Skippy Company which was great as well. He drove us to our vacation rental in Jouy en Josas. We got our rental through AirBNB (click here to see the exact place we rented. It is a great place to stay with small children) and our host was gracious enough to leave some food and notes for us. Which was perfect since everything in town was closed for the night!

King Loius XIV (The Sun King)
The Chateau of Versailles

We stayed in Jouy en Josas for about a week before moving into our permanent rental in one of the small towns outside of Jouy en Josas. After spending several days unpacking and making multiple trips to IKEA, we decided to take the girls to Versailles.

We figured that we would just walk around the grounds a bit. Originally I thought that this would be a quick trip, but it turns out, I was very wrong!

The backside of the Chateau
View of just part of the gardens

The gardens are huge. We were there for several hours and still did not see everything. They’re also absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect when we went.

We started off by going straight back from the chateau and going down into the walls of greenery. They’re almost like outside hallways. It was so peaceful and quiet. Both girls were able to take pretty good naps while we explored.

We popped out at the lake where one could rent boats or just relax on the grass.

Then we made our way back up towards the chateau and found a flower garden. Definitely a favorite of London’s!

The view at the end of the flower garden. We didn’t even make it down there this trip

By now, we had already been in Versailles for several hours so we headed back towards the exit.

That sky!

We saw several food stands near the exit and decided to get a little snack. We got a fruit cup and a macaroon. London was so excited to eat her pink macaroon. 🙂 We ended up taking our snack down to another flower garden and sat on the grass near a fountain.

Overall, it was a great little first outing for our family. I highly recommend spending time in the beautiful gardens of Versailles!

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