Bayeux Tapestry and the American Cemetery

Looking over Omaha Beach

Our last day in Normandy was spent at a couple different sites (Read more about our Normandy trip here, here, and here).

First, we headed out to Bayeux to see the famous tapestry depicting how William the Conqueror became King of England. Unfortunately, the museum does not allow photos of any kind taken during your visit so I don’t have any to share. Please check out to see a photo of the entire tapestry. The tapestry is 229 feet long and is beautifully embroidered. Head sets are given out with your ticket (9 euros for adults, free for children under 10) and the story of the tapestry is told as you walk along it.

After learning about the tapestry, we headed over to the American Cemetery.

I attended college in Hawaii and had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor on numerous occasions. I had seen the different ships and read about those who had lost their lives that day. It’s such as special place to visit. The American Cemetery had that same feeling. I am so grateful to all of those who fought in WWII. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to visit such an important site.

There is a Visitor’s Center located on site with information about D-Day and photos and stories of the young men who fought in the war. Outside, you can walk among the 9,387 graves that are on site.

There’s a path that heads down to Omaha Beach and another path that leads to a monument, “The Walls of the Missing”.

Words cannot express how it felt to walk along the cemetery. It is definitely an important place to visit while in Normandy.

For more information on the tapestry or cemetery, please visit:

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