South of France with Kids: Sault


One of my favorite places that we visited on our trip to the south of France was the small village of Sault.

Located about 1-1.5 hours from Avignon, Sault is home to field after field of lavender. We visited in early August and luckily there were still some fields not yet harvested. The best time to see lavender in Provence is between June and August, so I was a little nervous about how our visit would go with it being the end of the season.

The little stand we stopped at driving through the fields

The drive from Avignon to Sault was very pleasant. We drove up through the hills where it was cooler and then down into the lavender fields. The fields smelled amazing! We rolled down our windows and enjoyed the rest of our drive to Sault.

On our way, we stopped at a little stand where a woman was selling all sorts of lavender products: oil, soap, dried lavender, perfume, and more! We bought some oil and soap, which I love and have been using now that we’re home.

We then asked her if she knew of a lavender field where it would be okay to take a few photos and she said that we could go to the one right across the street. We walked over and while the lavender wasn’t as nearly as vibrant as it would have been earlier in the season, it was still beautiful! We had fun carefully walking through the fields, smelling the flowers, and taking some wonderful photos.




From the lavender field, we could see the village of Sault up on the hill. It looked so quaint and just how I imagined a small village in the south of France would look.


After enjoying the lavender field, we continued our drive up to Sault and parked so we could walk around the town. The town was very pleasant and not too touristy (although I’ve read it can get busy early in the season). There were plenty of cafes and stores to wander through and we had a nice time walking around.

I love all the brightly painted shutters

Besides lavender fields, Sault is also known for its nougat and lavender honey. We made sure to pick up some nougat before leaving along with a couple of cute provencal dresses for the girls.

Tons of stores selling lavender items

We had such a wonderful experience going to Sault. I highly recommend visiting, especially during lavender season. Everything about it was wonderful and hopefully someday we’ll make it back there again!

The view from the village looking down at the lavender fields

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