Lavender Farm

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (1)

We went to the cutest lavender farm last week called Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm. The flowers were just starting to bloom and it smelled amazing! It totally made me think about our time in the south of France last summer (Sault had some amazing lavender fields)!

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (2)Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (3)

Our girls had a blast smelling the flowers and pretending to be garden fairies (like Rosetta in the Tinkerbell movies). They loved seeing all the different colored flowers and sitting in all the pretty purple lawn chairs. There’s also an old fashioned tractor that the girls enjoyed sitting on and a beautiful gazebo to relax in.

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (4)Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (5)

We also checked out the gift shop where there was tons of pretty items to buy. They had lotions, soaps, oils, jewelry, and even some children items. We ended up buying a couple of fairy wings for the girls and then discovered that there was a fairy garden just on the other side of the store!

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (6)Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (7)

The girls loved playing in the fairy garden and had a hard time leaving when it was time to go. There were darling little fairy houses and a few dolls, horses, and tractors to play with. Plus, the whole area was surrounded by daisies and other pretty flowers. Our girls were in heaven!

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (8)Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (9)

We’re all excited to visit again in a couple weeks when more flowers will be in bloom. It’s such a wonderful farm and the owners were so nice too! It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re near Olympia, WA during the summer!

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm (10)

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