Children’s Travel Book Recommendations – France

One of our favorite things to do with our girls before and after a trip is to read books about the place we’re visiting (or living in as was the case for a couple of years in France). Below are some of our personal favorites for our girls (and a couple I love as well) for visiting one of our favorite countries.

We love this book as it explores the city of Paris! It has plenty of well-known landmarks and even goes into the history of the city as well.

This is a family favorite of ours. Our girls enjoy the rhythm of the story and the illustrations of Paris are gorgeous! At the back of the book, it lists the famous landmarks in the pictures. There are even self guided Madeline walking tours you can find online before your trip!

Another fun book in the Madeline series. This one consists of the girls finding and caring for a puppy in Paris while exploring the sights.

This is a great board book for little ones! The illustrations are very modern and colorful and show all the major landmarks of the city while focusing on a specific shape for each page.

Another cute board book for little ones full of colorful illustrations and famous landmarks of the City of Lights. It even introduces a few french words which we loved!

Another favorite is La Bretagne. It’s a fantastic French children’s book all about the Brittany region in France. We actually visited Chateau de Fougeres after seeing it in this book. It ended up being one of our favorites! Unfortunately, La Bretagne isn’t available in the United States, but you can find it on Amazon France and in bookstores around the country (we got our copy at the gift store when visiting Locmariaquer).

This is my all-time favorite parenting book! It was super insightful as we prepared to move to France with a 2 year old and 5 month old, but also just gave great parenting advice as well. The Pause was a total game changer with helping our baby sleep better!

A fun read for parents looking at differences between parenting in New York versus parenting in Paris. It’s a bit cliche at times, but still fun to look through.

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