Brittany with Kids: Chateau de Fougeres


After seeing some wonderful megaliths the day before, we got our car all packed and headed back towards Paris with the idea that we would stop at one more place along the way.

Thanks to the girls’ super cute little book, La Bretagne, we saw that Chateau de Fougeres was more or less on our way home.

Our last creperie in Brittany

The castle sits in the small town of Fougeres and was a 2 hour drive from Vannes. We got there just in time for lunch and had some delicious crepes at a cute little creperie near the castle.


Chateau de Fougeres was originally built in the 11th century, but had been destroyed after King Henry II took it in 1136. It was immediately rebuilt by Raoul II Baron de Fougères. Today it is one of Europe’s largest medieval fortresses and has an impressive 13 towers in all.

Checking out the watermills
Such an impressive castle

One thing that I really liked about the chateau was how it was in partial ruins. It really seemed like the best of both worlds as we were able to tour part of the castle and even see some of the inside rooms, but in other parts we walked around some of the castle’s ruins (there’s always just something so mysterious and interesting about visiting the ruins of old buildings and villages).


Checking out the chateau ruins


The chateau was a great place for our girls to run around. We left the stroller in the car and let them walk most of the time while we were there. They had a blast running around and exploring everything.

Learning all about Chateau de Fougeres


At one point, we climbed to the top of one of the towers and were welcomed with some amazing views of the surrounding area. The Brittany region is so stunningly beautiful!

The view from the top of one of the towers
Playing tag in the old columns

When planning our trip to Brittany, we never even came across this castle in our research. It was amazing though and definitely worth a visit. We had a wonderful time there and, given the opportunity, would love to go back and visit again. It was the perfect way to end our time in Brittany.

Aaron ran up this last tower on our way out.

Some Final Thoughts:

  • Read about our other days in Brittany here.
  • Visiting the castle took a couple of hours, although we tend to travel at a slower pace, especially when it’s something we’re all enjoying.
  • The chateau is definitely not stroller friendly, but was easy for our girls to either walk or be carried at times.
  • There’s an audio guide that gave lots pf great background information to what we were seeing.
  • Practical information such as cost and hours can be found here.

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