Seabrook With Kids

We spent a wonderful week at Seabrook this summer. We had been previously several times for day trips, but this was our first time staying. We loved it and hope to visit again sometime. Seabrook is definitely family friendly and we saw many families enjoying the playground and beach as much as we did. Below are 5 things to do in Seabrook with kids.

Stay at One of the Cottages

The cottages in Seabrook are just gorgeous. We stayed in the Beach Camp neighborhood at Slack Tide. It was very cozy and our girls loved sleeping in the loft! The town has multiple neighborhoods, but all of them are within walking distance to the Town Center and stores and also to the beach.

Check out the Shops (and Make Sure to Grab an Ice-Cream)

Seabrook has several great shops worth checking out. Our favorites were the toy store and the book store. The Town Center is a great place to walk around and look for souvenirs and also has several places to eat. We enjoyed grabbing dinner at Frontager’s Pizza Co. one evening and also made sure to grab ice-cream at Sweet Life Ice Cream and Candy Shop (we get one every time we visit Seabrook).

Go to the Beach

We went to the beach almost everyday while we were in Seabrook. Even in cooler weather, there is plenty to do. We brought a kite and sand toys and the kids were always entertained for hours. They loved exploring the sand dunes, drawing mazes in the sand, and running from the waves. The sand here is so soft that they often kicked off their shoes as soon as we got on the beach. All of my favorite memories from our trip were down here and it’s definitely a must if you’re in Seabrook.

Check Out the Gnome Trail

The Gnome Trail is located past the Old Stump in the Mill District. It’s a great little walk that eventually meets up with Elk Creek Trail and leads down to the beach. Along the way, kids can look at all the whimsical gnome houses and can even build their own using natural materials like seashells, sticks, and rocks. Do be aware of bees though, our oldest got stung twice while checking out a few different little homes (luckily she was fine, just a little sore for a day).

Play on the Playground and Walk Down to the Farm

If your little ones get tired of the beach, there’s an excellent playground near the Beach Camp neighborhood (about a 2 minute walk from where we stayed). The playground has slides, swings, a zip line, and basketball courts. Our youngest loved the swings the most, while our two oldest went on the zip line over and over. It was a great spot to let them run around without getting all sandy.

A short walk from the playground in the Farm District is a little town farm. Our kids loved seeing the horses, chickens, and ducks.

Bonus: Visit During 4th of July

We stayed the week of Independence Day and loved it! The entire town was decorated for the holiday and visitors could vote for their favorite house. It was all so festive! After dinner (and s’mores, of course), we headed down to the beach to watch people light off fireworks. While we didn’t bring any of our own, we still enjoyed a fantastic show all around us for several hours. We brought blankets and snacks and snuggled farther back on the beach away from where anything was being set off and it was perfect. Our kids could play on the sand dunes next to us until it got dark, and then we all enjoyed fireworks until well past bedtime. Even when we did leave several hours later, fireworks were still being set off. It was one of our best 4th of July’s that we’ve ever done as a family and my kids have already begged us to go back again next year.

Seabrook is such a beautiful coastal town. We loved our stay there and would love to visit again in the future!

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