Southern Utah with Kids | Red Reef Trail

While we were in St. George, UT we went on a really cool hike with friends in the Red Cliffs Recreation area called Red Reef Trails. The hike to the waterfall and back is about 1.5 miles roundtrip and was pretty easy for our entire family.

The hike starts off on a sandy trail and zigzags over a small stream. Our kids loved jumping around the rocks and chatting with their friends while we hiked.

Eventually the trail leads to a beautiful little waterfall in a sandstone canyon. On one side of the canyon, there’s a rope and little steps that leads up above the waterfall. We all climbed up, but it was a bit tricky for our kids (my husband climbed up while holding our youngest). The view is gorgeous though and we enjoyed standing above the waterfall.

Beyond the waterfall, the trail keeps going. We walked just around the corner and then came back down and continued back towards our car the way we came.

The entire area was beautiful with lots of red cliffs everywhere. There’s also a camp ground that would be fun to check out sometime. This was one of my favorite hikes we did while in Utah. The cliffs were just beautiful and I would love to go back again sometime!

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