Rome Family Vacation: Day 1

We recently got back from an almost week long vacation in Rome, Italy. We had a really wonderful time and our two girls (ages 2 and 1) both did great on our trip!

We flew to Rome through Easyjet and had a good experience with them. We made sure to bring snacks and water for the girls to have during takeoff and landing to help their ears and also made sure to have our tablet all charged for London to play on. It was about a 2 hour flight and luckily Adeline slept for about half of it.

Instead of staying at a hotel, we used (affiliate link) and actually rented out a small apartment. This was great for our family! Our baby had her own room to sleep in and our toddler slept on a bed in our room. We also had our own living room, bathroom, and kitchen. It was nice having the space so that we didn’t have to go to bed at the same time as the kids and also so that neither of them woke the other up during the night if they didn’t feel well or got scared.

Swiss guard outside of Vatican City

We stayed near the Vatican which was a pretty good location for the most part. I think the ideal spot for us would have been closer to the ancient ruins, but this was fine. It was kind of a long walk, but it was possible for us to go from the Vatican to the Colosseum with our double stroller.

St. Peter’s Square

Our original plan for the day was to fly in, check into our apartment, and then walk down to Castel Sant’Angelo. We would explore that castle for a bit and then grab dinner on our way home.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Our day didn’t exactly go as planned, but it was still nice.

Once we got to our apartment, Adeline fell asleep after our long morning of travel. We decided to let her sleep for a bit while Aaron did some grocery shopping.

It was late in the afternoon by the time we were able to leave the apartment, so we decided to skip the castle for now and just take a walk around the area instead.

Everything was very beautiful and it was fun to peek down alleyways and see all the colorful buildings.

Eventually we found some gelato and of course had to try some! We got one cone that was Nutella gelato and another that was pistachio. Both were delicious, but my favorite was the Nutella.

Trying her first bite of gelato- She loved it of course!
Nutella gelato was my all time favorite on our trip

We eventually walked back towards our apartment and grabbed pizza from across the way.

Castel Sant’Angelo – We never were able to make it inside on this trip, but loved looking at it when we walked by.
Looking towards St. Peter’s Square

It was nice to get a little oriented to the area around where we stayed. St. Peter’s square was gorgeous and I loved looking at it every time we walked by! With having two very small children it was also nice to take the afternoon slowly and give them time to rest. We ended the evening on a good note and we were all very excited for our next day in Rome.

Stay tuned for our second day in Rome – the Roman Forum, Colosseum, and Mouth of Truth.

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