Halloween in France

img_4713Happy Halloween!

This was our 2nd Halloween here in France (you can read all about last year’s Disneyland Paris trip here).

We went to our local farm and picked out a pumpkin to carve:

And even did a little trick or treating the night of with some local families in our village (although the children shouted “Donne-moi des bonbons!” or “Give me candy!” instead of “trick or treat” 😉 ).

The day after Halloween, we attended an event by Bebe Voyage at the cutest little park (Parc Monceau) in Paris. It was so much fun!

Such a cute group!

Bebe Voyage is an amazing community where parents can get together and talk about traveling with children. Their facebook group has been extremely helpful for asking questions and getting information from other families as  we’ve planned out vacations.

Lately, Bebe Voyage has been planning playdates around the world so that members and their families can get together. Another member, Caroline, and I helped plan the Paris Halloween event.

Caroline with her adorable little girl

One parent from each family had a bag of candy and posted themselves around a small grassy area. The children then were able to go around with their other parent and “trick or treat”while wearing their costumes. Afterwards, the children played while parents could chat and get to know each other.

“Trick or Treat!”


It was so cute seeing all the costumes and I know that our girls loved being able to dress up for the day. It was also nice to still celebrate our more “American” holiday even from so far away.

Even though we’ve been celebrating Halloween a little bit differently these last couple years, it’s still been lots of fun for our family!img_4804copy

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