WA State Fair | Holiday Magic

WA State Fair | Holiday Magic

We had a wonderful time visiting the Washington State Fair’s Holiday Magic event last week! It was beautifully done and the kids had such a great time.

As soon as you walk through the gates, you’re welcomed with a gorgeous light tunnel (and plenty of photo opportunities). The kids had a great time running through on their way to find the carousel and Santa Train ride (both included with entry).

We found the train ride first and had a great time riding around looking at all of the Christmas lights. Our two year old said that this was his favorite part of the night.

Right after the train, we walked over to the carousel and my husband took the kids on a ride while I snapped a few photos. This was another hit with the kids and a favorite for all of them.

There was also a Santa’s Workshop set up in the Sillyville farm area where each child was given a small stocking to fill as they visited various parts of Santa’s village. Our kids personally really liked the Winter Wrap Shoppe where they helped the elves color wrapping paper and Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen where they received a cookie and a cup of milk.

WA State Fair | Holiday Magic
Getting ready to go through Santa’s village

After that, we grabbed dinner. It was your normal fair kind of food so keep that in mind if you’re planning on eating during your visit. The best part was taking our food into the ChillVille barn where tables were set up along with a complimentary hot chocolate bar (which we definitely took advantage of!). The kids also enjoyed saying “hi” to the clucking chickens that were singing Christmas carols.

After dinner, we headed to one of the indoor light tunnels. Our toddler enjoyed chasing the lights shining on the ground and our girls loved seeing all of the lights everywhere.

We also checked out the Joy Around the World exhibit in the next barn over. It was really cute and a great way to learn about holidays around the world.

After that, we headed to another nearby barn for various fun photo opportunities including a snow globe, a glow in the dark room, a tropic Christmas, and more. Our kids loved it and had a lot of fun posing everywhere.

WA State Fair | Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic also had a live nativity with a goat, sheep, cow, and donkey. This was the most crowded area during our visit and while most people did a good job keeping their masks on, I was still a little uncomfortable being that close to other people (but maybe that’s more just me?).

The Arctic Adventure was a light and music show that we popped into for a moment. It wasn’t our favorite, but there was so many other things to see that it wasn’t too much of a loss for us.

We ended by checking out the various decorated Christmas trees and the gift shop. The Washington State Fair offers ice-skating for an additional fee, but we passed at this time since we’ve already been to a local ice skating rink a couple of times this season.

WA State Fair | Holiday Magic

Overall, we had a really great time. It reminded me a little bit of Enchant, and it was a nice way to celebrate the holiday season. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online and Holiday Magic goes until December 31st (they’ll be having a special fireworks display on New Years Eve!).

Thank you so much to the WA State Fair for hosting our family at Holiday Magic. We had a fantastic time and hope to come back again next year!

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